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Photograpy by  UKMARACAIBO

Photograpy by UKMARACAIBO

SSIK Designs LLC…

AKA art fashion - a juxtaposition of abstract art and alternative fashion with a focus on costume design and performance wear using silicone rubber.


a New York based designer and sole proprietor of SSIK Designs, a KUNT alt. label marked by innovative materials and unique application techniques.  SSIK’s silicone drips, methods of manipulation & attention to detail are key signatures to the brand’s aesthetic. 

Kiss used NYC's underground nightlife culture as a platform for her label’s parties, posing for photos and hanging from swings wearing her designs.  Slowly it moved to styling artists and commissioning designs for performers, the list goes on.

SSIK is currently represented by NYC’s fashion/stylist legend Patricia Field at her Art Fashion Gallery shop in Lower Manhattan alongside an amazing group of other well known art fashion artists (SHOP SSIK FOR PATRICIA FIELD). SSIK is also affiliated with many of NYC’s longstanding LGBTQ nightlife influencers such as Susanne Bartsch, Lady Fag, Amanda Lepore (etc.) as well as countless performers, bands and fellow artists around the world.

SSIK drips have been debuted for the first time on the big screen in 20th Century Fox’s The Greatest Showman in Dec. 2017.

More recently, we’re known for our mermaid drip fantasy look on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season10 winner Aquaria.

As a graduate of NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in Accessory Design, Kiss currently drips in NYC’s downtown East Village.